Give the Gift of Positivity

Coming out of Thanksgiving, a great time with family and one of positivity, with some great food and unfortunately mediocre football for the most part, we’re rushing headlong into Christmas and a period of buying and shopping that has been unrivaled in my experience. It seems “Black Friday,” which I didn’t even know existed three years ago, gets earlier and earlier on Thursday, and “Cyber Monday” turns into “Cyber Week” so fast that I get confused as to what season we’re in. Never fear though, two weeks later the commercials on TV are here to endlessly remind me, as I am sure they will right up to the end.

When I think about giving, not just in the spirit of the season but in general, I always look for things I can do for others that reminds them not of the giver, but of what each one of us is capable of in terms of our personal leadership and influence. When the world gets a little crazy, or when our own slice of the world starts to loom out of our personal control, it is easy to forget that most of our lives remain within our capacity to influence. That means that the things that cause us angst, anxiety, or worse don’t have to, and that we can use our own hearts, minds, and spirit to make that change.

Think about it, and ask yourself one question. If you could be positive about anything, grateful for anything right now, what would it be?

When things start spinning, or it seems like everything is turning against you, that one thing needs to be your focus and the center of your thoughts and your activities.

I believe in positivity. Not the power of positive thinking, which is often interpreted to mean that if you fill your mind with positive thoughts, then things will generally turn out the way you want. That isn’t true, but when you find tactics and strategies to push negativity out of your mind and instead focus your energies on actively promoting those things that bring purpose and meaning to your life, it is amazing what happens to all those thoughts and doubts that hold you back. No one can do this for you. You have to find and develop the strength to consistently act in your own best interests and those of others to bring it to life.

What you can do though is recognize the gift that positivity brings, and that you can give that gift to others. Being the best that you can be – focused, driven, authentic, and compassionate – does wonders for your own spirit and soul. But it also brings a light to others around you, and it can be amazingly contagious. Find the courage to believe in your own empowerment – it’s already there – and use it to power the world. ‘Tis the season for it.

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