Improving Focus and Productivity in a Crazy World

We all lose focus from time to time. Whether it is our day to day lives and tasks, or our long-term vision and goals. Maintaining that focus enables us to perform at a high level, and is critical to your success in everything you do.

When our focus fades, it can cause stress and anxiety, and lead us into frustration. That doesn’t help us get things done, and in fact can lead to a downward spiral that makes our to-do lists pile up exponentially. Our internal perception of how effective we are directly correlates to our ability to get things done. When we feel powerful, we excel. When we start to feel overwhelmed, disorganization piles onto an increasingly larger sense that things are getting away from us. That’s a cycle we should seek to avoid.

The problem doesn’t lie in the tools we use. Most people have plenty of applications and job aids designed to make them more productive. Some work, some do not, and none work for everyone. The truth is that there aren’t a lot of tools that are going to overcome the

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