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Stress and Anxiety Relief

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Bio-and Neurofeedback Treatment

Bio-and Neurofeedback Treatment

Bio- and Neurofeedback treatment allows the practitioner to identify baseline brain patterns to develop strategies and training for helping the client to achieve calm. The techniques have been successful in reducing stress and anxiety, managing PTSD, depression and bipolar disorder, and easing the struggle with addiction. By eliminating labels and stigmas, we help the client to discover the real underlying causes of distress, and take advantage of neuroplasticity to “reprogram” the neural networks to achieve better outcomes. Ultimately this can reduce the impact of these disorders on both physiological and psychological health.

The initial consultation sets a baseline, while the best outcome is take home technology to help teach the client techniques to improve their mental wellbeing. Periodic check ins with the practitioner is important to adjust the strategy and provide further coaching.

$150 (initial consultation)

People are disturbed not by a thing, but by their perception of a thing – Epictetus

Managing Stress and Anxiety – The Path to Wellness

This is an area that we at ZenDao are particularly proud of, because stress and anxiety – as well as a number of similar or related conditions – are reaching epidemic proportions and are a significant drag on us as individuals as well as society at large. The causes of stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and the like aren’t always known, but they aren’t always out of our control either.

The statistics are unimaginable. Some 77% of people describe having regular physical symptoms from stress. 73% report having psychological issues stemming from stress. 48% each say that they suffer from insomnia or that their stress has increased over the last five years. That doesn’t even include the millions of people suffering from anxiety, depression, or substance abuse – often all related. The problem is getting worse, not better, and it leads to serious physiological and psychological problems as a result.

Calling this “Managing Stress and Anxiety” does not go far enough into this modality. One of the founding principles of our wellness program at ZenDao has been that wellness lies in restructuring perception, and ultimately the ability to restructure how our brains – the ultimate arbiter of our perceptions – deal with it. If we can “reprogram” the neural networks (neuroplasticity) to fire together in different ways, we can help our clients deal with these problems and lead more fulfilling lives. Results have shown that by doing this, it is possible to impact the onset or severity of chronic disease as well.

At ZenDao, we use bio-and neurofeedback to help clients train their minds to think differently. By concentrating on brain waves and other technologies, we can teach the client techniques to increase their time in a calm state (Theta Brain Waves). Like all of our modalities we focus on those things that the client can take home and practice, decreasing their dependency on the practitioner and creating habits that lead to better lives.

How we approach each client differs on the presentation and the individual, but always starts with an intake to understand the relevant issues, followed by baseline readings to determine a path forward. The client is instructed in self-regulation, using home-bound technologies that allow them to check in with the practitioner for ongoing training. The goal however is to create those habits so that the client can self-recover in times of stress.

This is one of more unique offerings in that we make it very accessible. Book your appointment today, even if just to find out what we’re all about. You may just surprise yourself!